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1.You must post these rules
2.Each person has to share 10 things about them
3.Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer
4.Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal

Things about myself:

1. My favorite type of chocolate is white chocolate, I'm not very fond of dark chocolate >~>
2. I have a dog named Foxie
3. I don't like cats
4. I'm 160cm tall and have only grown ~1cm in three years *-*
5. My favorite season is winter
6. My dialect changes every ''u'' to '''', if anyone knows what part of Sweden I live in I'll draw something for you hahaha
7. My birthday is the 4th of June
8. I have began to draw a comic, I didn't plan to tell you now but since I don't think anyone are going to read this anyway I think it's ok ~
9. I wish I could live underwater 
10.I have never in my life hated school more than I do now

Questions I must answer:

1. What's your favourite type of candy? (chocolate, caramel, liquorice, pepper mint, sour,, etc)
Ohhh, I really looove liquorice buut sour is pretty sugoii too :33

2. Where in the world would you like to live in the most?
Japan? duuh? :P

3. How old where you when you learned about ''the birds and the bees''? 
maybe 10 haha?

4. What's the colour of the sky right now where you are?
dark grey? xd

5. Do you think I should colour my hair pink?
ofc!!! :DDD

6. When did you learn that Sweden is an actual country? 
I live in sweden so probably when I was about 1 year old hahaha :P

7. If you were a God would you change things from how they are now and in that case what would you change?
I would make the world more fun, like add some anime style to it :#33

8. If you decided to make an anime what would it be about?
Probably something like naruto/mirai nikki but also romantic? :D that wouls be soooooooooooo cool :DDDD :333

9. Have you read the manga ''Onepunch-man''? I love it `u
No, I haven't, should I? :p

10. My idol is Saitama from onepunch-man. Do you have an idol?
Naruto <3

My questions to you:

1. Where do you live? :#33
2. Do you watch anime/read manga, if so which one is your fav? ;))
3. What is your favorite smiley? :D (mine is ":33")
4. Who is your best friend on deviantart? :DD
5. How old are you? x)
6. What do you think about otakus? and what do you think about weeaboos (is that the correct spelling lol)
7. Have you ever peed your pants, when and where? tell us :D
8. Favorite youtuber? :33
9. Top 3 anime/manga characters? ^...-
10. How old are you? (original I know) ;o


:iconjohannabeea: :iconshirotenshie456: :iconcaicyo: :iconsaiyron: :iconnami-kiken: :iconfoolfire: :iconaniitaruiz: :iconhallowdew: :iconsoraa15: :iconkigumichan: 


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Yakobu-kun ( やこぶくん )
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Please give me requests, I'm really out of ideas :iconeweplz:

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